Yin Your Skin founder Katja Kokko


Katja Kokko is a holistic beauty therapist with over two-decade long career in genuine beauty and overall well-being. She is known as one of the most sought-after pioneers in the Finnish natural cosmetics scene.

Katja is a trained beauty therapist, makeup artist, organic cosmetic formulator, yoga teacher and author with broad expertise in skincare. She has written two books about skincare (Genuine Beauty, 2014 and Kuulaan kaunis, 2019), founded one of Finland’s leading houses of organic cosmetics and worked internationally with a massive amount of skincare brands. Katja trains beauty professionals actively. She is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and will graduate as a licensed acupuncturist from The Academy of Chinese Medicine in Finland in 2023. Katja is also a co-founder of her other skincare brand Djusie.