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Yin Your Skin® Signature Experience

The Yin Your Skin Signature Experience online course includes:

  • Four yin yoga sessions with detailed guidance, the soundscape composed and produced by Finnish pop artist IRENE:
    • Instant Vitality (30 min)
    • Beauty Sleep (30 min)
    • Balance & Glow (60 min)
    • Full Transformation (90 min)
  • Two meditations (10 min and 25 min) 
  • Two guided deep relaxation practices with sound healing (15 min and 30 min)
  • Detailed instructions for a skincare regime (20 min)
  • Detailed instructions for a facial gua sha:
    • Tightening, Brightening and Lifting Treatment (20 min)
    • Treatment for Reducing Swelling and Removing Metabolic Waste (10 min)
    • Instant Beauty Fix and Glow (3 min)
    • Quick Anti-Stress Treatment for the Body (3 min)
    • Introduction to facial gua sha (10 min)
  • Detailed, downloadable written materials on meditation, the body’s energy centres chakras, yin yoga, the theory of five elements, meridians, fascia network, gua sha and its effects, the lymphatic system and skincare.
  • Detailed illustrations of the body’s meridians, facial and head meridians and acupoints, facial and neck lymph nodes, the body’s energy centres chakras and gua sha massage pattern.
  • Product tips for skincare and gua sha

8 months of access to the course starting from time of purchase.