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Yin Your Skin® REST & RENEW (in English)

Yin Your Skin® REST & RENEW Guided Relaxation Practice for inner peace & harmony

Yin Your Skin relaxation practice invites you to rest and renew in a deep, trance-like state. Say goodbye to tension, worry and all kinds of resistance. The30-minute experience takes you on a journey far away from everyday stress. It leaves you feeling balanced, grounded, and tuned into your center.

Yin Your Skin REST & RENEW is a practice in the yoga nidra style. In yoga nidra (‘yogic sleep’), the practitioner is guided to scan and relax all body parts, one by one. As a result, the body moves to a state between sleeping and waking. Yoga nidra effectively soothes the nervous system and boosts recovery. It can uplift the mood and support concentration.

Yin Your Skin REST & RENEW comes with a signature soundtrack. The original piece of ambient music is produced by Finnish composer and artist IRENE. The soundscape is designed to take your relaxation on a deeper level. Immerse yourself in sonic peace and drift away. Enjoy rejuvenation and holistic reset in your system: mind, body and spirit.

The soundscape is created from two ingredients: human voice and kantele. It offers a spacious universe ­– modern, minimal and primal. Kantele is a Finnish-Karelian string instrument with a vivid, dreamy sound color. In the Finnish national epic, the magical resonance of kantele draws near all the creatures of the forest like a magnet. To our experience, it draws away stress and fatique as well.

If you’re looking for a retreat to stop the cycle of stress, look no further. Enjoy the experience at any time of the day. It works wonders as an afternoon reset, afterwork recovery or whenever you feel too busy. It offers a perfect ambience for bedtime story, power nap or beauty sleep.

Practice designed by Katja Kokko
Music composition, production & vocals: IRENE
Kantele improvisation: Maija Kauhanen
Cover Artwork: Miika Saksi
Guidance in English: Jutta Irene Ruonansuu

REST & RENEW price 27€ includes 12 months access to the practice.